Shooting ‘BUBBLES’ short. Film synopsis and on-set BTS stills.

Bubbles is a bitter sweet, short comedy drama set on the outskirts of London. Written by Rhys Hicks, the film tells the story of two young people: Jake, a barista working in a coffee shop; and the title character, Bubbles, a heavy-set, loudmouthed prostitute.

Jake is frankly a loser, who’s frustrated with his life, not least by the fact that the object of his love and lust – his café colleague Tracy – barely acknowledges him.

And even though she is resolutely dedicated to her profession, Bubbles has the same feelings for Jake, which he is, in turn, oblivious to.

The two of them tumble and twirl together through the short film, in an amusing, sexy and slapstick series of events and verbal exchanges, which don’t pull their punches or sugar-coat who they are and what they do.

The film ends with a poignant encounter between them and a waitress in a diner, which brings the whole story full circle.

Director – Zak Harney
Producer – Ian Baumont
D.O.P./Producter – James Butler