Distil Ennui Studio – Artist’s residency august 2015 – In collaboration with artist Alexander James.

Works from a valuable experience working with eight other creative individuals brought together by Distil Ennui studio, Chainy Creative Platform, Saatchi Saatchi and Univercity of the Arts London.

The idea behind the Residency was to place a group of creatives including musicians/composers, creative writers/poets, photographers/camera operators and designers in the same space for a number of weeks with no fixed brief and discover the outcome.

Underwater artist Alexander James initiated the experience selecting eight strangers to participate in this creative challenge.

He explains the Residency – “I have always wanted to see a return to core artistic practices overlapping; it seems a lost way that writers, poets, composers & sculptors lived and worked very closely together. So there was the concept; to place all creative fields in the studio together, preparing the space in advance merely as a blank canvas and letting the direction find itself. Where would the path lead, it would be like bouncing acid flavoured ping pong balls off the walls and see how they collide.”

– See more on the Distil Ennui Studio diary

The finished works from the experience, currently in post production, consist of three short film pieces experimenting with how a performer interacts with their own reflection. Overlaid with spoken word and musical scores, and merged with reflective sculptural instillations.

Artists include:

Daniel McBride (composer.musician) – www.soundcloud.com/daniel-mcbride-2
Rae Howell (composer.musician) – http://www.raehowellmusic.com http://www.sunwrae.com
Katie Olds (camera operator) – www.katieolds.co.uk
Sophie Fenella Robins (creative writer) – http://sophiefenella.co.uk
Sophie Newstead (creative writer) – http://rarecuration.com
Charli Parker (1st assistant) – http://charliparker.uk/
James Butler (camera operator) – http://jamesbutler.tv
Eloise Stevens (creative writer) – https://soundcloud.com/eloise-stevens
See more at: http://distilennui.com/blog/#sthash.eXr9YaGK.dpuf